Worship through Music

At Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, music is at the heart of our worship. Our vocalists, organist, handbell groups and percussionists perform anthems that brighten our sanctuary and bring color to our Sunday services.

During worship, our congregation may choose to sing hymns with our choir. The majority of our music is traditional, although it includes a collection of genres such as praise music, newer hymns and world music from various ethnic traditions.

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir is an adult choir that fills our Sundays with hymns and anthems. Whether performing as a group, featuring a soloist or joining an ensemble of instruments and percussion, our Chancel Choir projects melodies and adds an artistic element during 10:45 a.m. worship.

Promise Bells

Featuring a mix of experienced musicians and newer handbell ringers, our Promise Bells group performs handbell music during Sunday services. The concert season is highlighted each year by a daylong bell festival before finishing with Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church’s “Berries ‘n’ Bells” spring showcase.

Chapel Bells

Chapel Bells is a handbell group starring experienced ringers and music readers. Like Promise Bells, Chapel Bells plays anthems during worship and caps off its year at our “Berries ‘n’ Bells” spring concert.

Youth Music Programs

At Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, children have the opportunity to participate in choir. Kids aged 5 years old through 5th grade sing in our Children’s Choir whereas young adults aged 6th grade through 12th grade partake in our Youth Choir. Each group performs during worship on Sundays.

About Our Directors

Gretchen Franz has served as the Director of Music at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church since 1981. She currently conducts the adult and youth choirs and performs as an organist. Franz is the Founder/Director of Seraphic Singers, a much-acclaimed professional women’s ensemble that performs at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church. As an organ recitalist, Franz has performed at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Heinz Chapel, in addition to being recorded for a “Pipedreams” radio broadcast.

Nancy Lutz serves as the Director of Handbells at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, where she leads the Promise Bells and Chapel Bells ensembles. Since she began conducting handbells at the Church in 1994, the program grew from a single adult choir that rung three octaves of handbells to the present groups that play more than six octaves of handbells and handchimes. Lutz is also the founding Artistic Director of Three Rivers Ringers, Pittsburgh’s premier handbell ensemble, which was founded in 2010.