A Message Concerning In-Person Worship This Weekend

From Pastor Tom Strandburg

It is clear to all of us in these days that our battle against the “unseen enemy” of COVID-19 continues. We pray for continued successes on the vaccine front, while we mourn the record-setting case counts that have been witnessed throughout the country. The Allegheny County Department of Health issued a “Stay at Home and Stop Social Gatherings Public Health Advisory.” Once again, the community of faith is called upon to set a good example, by taking a stand for the lives and good health of our citizenry. It is that motivation which compels me to announce that we will once again suspend our practice of in-person worship until this advisory is lifted. Please join us for ONLINE WORSHIP this coming Sunday, as we give thanks unto the Lord even in the midst of these disappointing circumstances.

Blessings to all,

Pastor Tom Strandburg