Online ONLY Worship Continues

In-Person Worship on Hold

The Allegheny Department of Health has extended its 25 person per event limit through July 24th. This is being done to address a recent spike in Coronavirus cases in the county. As a result, MLUMC will extend its return to online-only Sunday worship through that date. Please join us for worship online at Like so many of you, my heart aches every Sunday that we are not able to meet in person. Online church is a poor substitute. However, our church and denominational leadership believe that we must all set a good example for our community, as we seek to mitigate the destructive effects of this pernicious virus. So, we will once again act in unity with the vast majority of the South Hills faith community by not holding in-person worship in our church building through at least July 24th. May the Lord bless our humble efforts to restore full health to all of God’s people!
Pastor Tom