An LGBTQIA Plan of Action – What the UMC General Conference is Considering

On Sunday evening, June 13 at the Do No Harm meeting, Chuck Vogel presented an updated plan being considered and likely to be approved by the UMC’s General Conference to solve the LGBTQIA conundrum. If you did not attend the meeting, you can still see the presentation. The link below takes you to the recorded version of Chuck Vogel’s ZOOM presentation:


Chuck also provided a video and some papers concerning the upcoming decision. Here are those links:

Video of developers of the Protocol being interviewed.  About one hour.

Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation

Legal edition of the Protocol.   Click on legislation

Draft Book of Doctrines & Discipline for a New Methodist Church

Part Five – Discipline on the Ministry of Clergy

The meeting was also a celebration of Juneteenth. Do No Harm members enjoyed some red velvet cake and watched the short video, “Why all Americans Should Honor Juneteenth.” Here’s the link to the video: