Covid Mitigation at the Church

By Pastor Tom Strandburg

In light of recent events, and the elevation of our county to the “substantial” spread level for COVID-19, I have asked that all of our church employees once again wear a mask when working public events here at the church, for the safety of our people. This will be particularly important for our work on Sunday morning, when persons of all ages and vaccination statuses are present.

Since our governmental authorities have stopped short of making this a “mandate” for the general public, so will I. However, I would urge the members of our congregation to follow the dictates of their own conscience on this matter. On any given Sunday morning, we have unvaccinated children present for worship, as well as persons with compromised immune response. It is not too much to ask that we modify our own behavior, for the sake of the vulnerable people in our midst.

We serve a Savior who willingly took the penalty of sin upon himself, in spite of his own innocence. Christ urged us all to “bear one another’s burdens” and to “allow the little children to come unto him.” Any act that enables these things to happen is the responsibility of a Christian.

Thanks to all,

Pastor Tom