Support MLUMC’s 2023 German Trip

Treat Yourself to Pizza Kits, Cookies & More

Plans for a trip to Germany in 2023 are in the works! Members of our church’s German Group, church members and friends will be visiting with our partner church friends in Zwickau. Whether you are planning to visit Germany or not, you can help with fundraising for common travel needs for the group. AND – you get to order the delicious fundraising food of Joe Corbi, the pizza kits, gourmet pizzas, cookies and more.

Here’s how to order:

There’s not a lot of time – orders are due May 20. There are two ways to order  –  1) Online  2) From Lori Barr/ Brochure


  1. Go to  Hit “Shop” to see all the tasty choices and add to your cart.
  2. When you are finished shopping, check “View Your Cart,” then “Checkout.”
  3. Enter this participant code: 525647 (This is important. It’s what makes money for the German trip.)
  4. Pay & place your order – on or before May 20!
  5. Ship directly to your home, or ship to GERMAN GROUP 2023. If you ship to your home, you’ll pay shipping charges. Shipping to GERMAN GROUP 2023, sends your goodies to Lori Barr. She’ll deliver with no shipping charge. 


  1. Look for Lori after services in the church on Sunday, May 16. 
  2. You can also text her at 412-897-1035.

Deadline to Order: Thursday, May 20

Delivery from Lori: June 9 or 10