Watch Tues. March 9, Liturgy of Evening Prayer Service – Live on Facebook

Also Recorded for Later Viewing

Follow Along with a Bulletin

Don’t miss attending our Liturgy of Evening Prayer Service in the Sanctuary or watching our live-stream of the Liturgy tonight, March 9, at 7 pm. If you wish to watch our live-stream of the Liturgy, tune in to our Facebook page (Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church) at 7 pm.

If you cannot attend in person tonight and are not available to watch the live-stream at 7 pm, you can still watch it from this website a bit later. We will be posting a link to a tape of the Liturgy on this website by 8 pm tonight.

No matter when you watch the Liturgy, take a bulletin so you can follow along. Just select the link below for a pdf of the bulletin. You may then follow the service from a screen or print the pdf for a paper version.

Select this link for a pdf of the bulletin of the 3-9-21 Prayer Service.