Unity Lunch

Sunday, November 20, Following the 10:45 Service, Asbury Center

Our next Unity Lunch will feature a special guest leading the conversation, Pastor Tim Reichard.  His topic will be Implicit Bias.What is Implicit Bias?

On a daily basis all of us are forced to make a multitude of quick decisions, especially about other people.  All of our decisions about others are shaped by what’s called Implicit Bias.  These are beliefs that we have about others that are typically not based in truth.  And often we’re not aware of these beliefs and how they influence our behavior.  People hold biases about everything; old people, young people, lawyers and Doctors, politicians and entertainers, sports figures and street people, people of color and people of different sexual orientation.  

Following our lunch, Rev. Tim Reichard will lead us in looking at Implicit Bias so we can identify our own biases, in order that we can grow in humility, service and love of all God’s children.