Outdoor Sunday Worship: Photos and What to Expect

A hot Sunday morning didn’t keep worshippers away.

MLUMC invites church members, family and friends to our outdoor Sunday worship service. It is at 9:30 am on Sundays in our upper parking lot – weather permitting of course. 

For those who did not attend last Sunday’s first outdoor service, here’s what you can expect. The service is a blended style, with the worship order being both modern and traditional. Pastor Tom and Pastor Scott are both present, leading us in prayer and through the spoken parts of the service. They will alternate weeks delivering the sermon. 

The music selection is also blended. Contemporary Music Director B.J. Collins and his team provide a modern style of music, but our United Methodist Hymnal is not forgotten. B.J. and our new Director of Music Mitchell Stecker are incorporating some of our favorite traditional hymns.

You are asked to bring your own chair, positioning it according to social distancing, and wear a mask. Though there is some shade available, it’s a good idea to wear a hat and apply some sun screen.

Because the church is complying with state and county COVID-19 pandemic regulations, we are monitoring the number of outdoor service attendees.  If you plan on attending the service this Sunday, e-mail Michelle Rizzo at churchsecretary@mlumc.org. In your e-mail, tell us the number of persons who will be in attendance, if you will need a chair because you cannot bring one, and if you would prefer to reserve a “drive-in parking spot,” from which you can worship in your car.  Please RSVP before Thursday, July 23rd.  In case of rain, the service will be cancelled. You will be notified by e-mail or telephone.

Now, here’s a link to a few photos of last Sunday’s service, with a bit of background music: OUTDOOR SUNDAY WORSHIP