Sunday School From Home Week of May 16

Sunday School From Home Peter visits Tabitha (Dorcus) and performs a miracle! Tabitha was well known and liked in her community because she went out of her way to help others. She made beautiful clothing for those in need. Do you know someone who is a “Tabitha”? Are you a “Tabitha” to others? The activities are appropriate for a variety of ages including adults. You can forward this on to anyone else in or out of the church that you think will enjoy it.

The Bible Story for this week is Acts 9:36-43.

The story video for this week is What Do You Do With A Problem, featuring a snoring Princess Adelaide and our budding flowers!  You can find the video HERE.

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Finally, with the new CDC recommendations about masking, please be watching for guidelines regarding mask wearing at the church. More information to come as these decisions are made.

Have a wonderful week!