Sunday School From Home Week of May 23

Sunday School From Home In the church, we use different colors to signify different parts of the liturgical year. Red is the color for Pentecost because it reminds us of the color of the flames on the disciples’ heads. The activities are appropriate for a variety of ages including adults. You can forward this on to anyone else in or out of the church that you think will enjoy it.

The Bible Story for this week is Acts 2:1-12.

The story video this week is also about Pentecost and can be found HERE. Enjoy hearing some different languages

Select this link for Sunday School from Home for May 23

Select this link for a Pentecost printable

Regarding the new guidelines on masks, Pastor Tom has asked that everyone please continue to wear masks while in the church at least until the end of the month. This will continue to protect those who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated and others who are particularly vulnerable. The church office sent an email with more detail yesterday; please refer to that for further information.